What is Vizown?

Too often, people lack vision for their life. Without vision, they are lost and without purpose. This is a contributing factor for many of those who relapse.

Our goal is to help clients realize their vision for life and how to take ownership of that vision. Taking ownership means that the client will make difficult decisions for their life after residential treatment. This may involve the client removing themselves from prior relationships or avoiding particular environments that can trigger a relapse. However, it’s not just about avoiding the negative things that exist within someone’s life, it’s also a matter of making decisions to move towards the things that foster success. This can come in the form of a new relationship, a different environment, employment, education, self-fulfillment and other facets of life.

At Vizown, we work with our clients to understand the tools and resources for a successful recovery and we work just as hard to help our clients discover a vision for their life. When graduating from Vizown, we want the client to have vision for their recovery and their purpose in life.

Having a purpose motivates people to make decisions to avoid relapse. Understanding the tools to maintain a person’s recovery, nurtures the success for someone’s vision. This is taking ownership of recovery and vision.