Privacy Policy

At Vizown we are dedicated to protecting your privacy. Please review the following information to understand how and when we will use the personal information you share with us.

How will you use my information?

When you submit contact information  for insurance verification, inquiries regarding our services or newsletters, we request your personal information. This information is used ONLY to provide you with details of our services and to perform insurance inquiries. We do not share your information with third-parties.

Will you ever disclose my information?

On occasion it may be necessary to disclose your personal information to protect the legal rights of Vizown. We may disclose your information if it relates to harmful or threatened harmful behavior or if we are required to so by law as part of a legal process.

Can I opt-out of receiving emails from Vizown?

Yes. You can opt-out of receiving emails from Vizown at any time. Every email you receive includes a link  to our unsubscribe page. At any time you decide, you can access this link and unsubscribe from our email list.

What happens when I sign-up for the Vizown Newsletter?

When you sign up for the Vizown newsletter, your email address is used ONLY for the purposes of sending you the newsletter. Every time you receive the Vizown newsletter it will include a link to our unsubscribe page. At any time you decide, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Please note that when you opt-out or unsubscribe from the email list or newsletter circulation list you are ONLY opting-out of receiving marketing related messages. Vizown may still continue to send you messages relevant to a specific business relationship.

Is your Web site linked to other sites?

Yes. contains links to many other sites. Vizown is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any of these Web sites.

How do I consent to the Vizown Policy

You consent to the Vizown policy by using our site.