Life After VizOwn Treatment

Strategy for Life

Too often, people lack vision for their life. Without vision, they are lost and without purpose. This is a contributing factor for many of those who relapse.

At VizOwn, we work with our clients to understand the tools and resources for a successful recovery and we work just as hard to help our clients discover a vision for their life. When graduating from VizOwn, we want the client to have vision for their recovery and purpose for their life. Having a purpose motivates people to make decisions to avoid relapse. Understanding the tools to maintain a person’s recovery, nurtures the success for someone’s vision. This is taking ownership of recovery and vision.

At VizOwn we realize this by collaborating with the client on their personalized Continuing Care Plan. This plan reviews the client’s diagnosis and connects the client to ongoing support in each context of their experience. VizOwn works with the client and outside entities to connect the client to the necessary aftercare and recovery support to ensure the client’s success. A Continuing Care Plan will often entail connections to a co-occurring, evidence-based provider, sober living, parenting support, job training and employment resources, 12-step recovery support, spiritual resources, and VizOwn aftercare.

Access to VizOwn

We have developed a closed group Facebook page just for VizOwn alumni. This allows the client to connect with people who they participated with during their treatment, as well as other alumni who have stayed at VizOwn. This has proven to be a tremendous avenue for those in recovery to support one another on a number of levels. Topics have included struggles with triggers, relationships, work and various challenges that confront those in early recovery. This has also been a great forum to discuss life’s successes.

Alumni Functions

Much like a high school reunion, people want to reconnect and catch up with one another. Granted Facebook is a great avenue for this, but connecting with one another in person offers even more value. VizOwn plans periodic alumni functions for graduates to re-connect.