Advanced Residential Treatment & Recovery Center for Women

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Vizown is an advanced residential treatment and recovery center for women that provides a fully integrated program to address the core issues behind addiction.  These core issues make every person’s addiction different and unique. As a result, we use numerous therapy techniques, strategies, and tools to help foster a successful recovery.

Our individualized approach identifies the underlying issues that contribute to a person’s addiction. At the time of admission, we assess and benchmark the addiction, psychiatric, and trauma issues which contribute to the person’s substance abuse. This evidence based information is used to provide an easy to follow, visual report that the participant can understand. Our expert staff then works with the participant to develop a plan of care to track their progress. When a person can feel and see the progress of their recovery, it gives them confidence for success. With an average length of stay of 90 days, the foundation for this success is strengthened through consistency and establishing lifestyle changes.

We also place a heavy emphasis on the environment during the recovery process. This is an advantageous compliment to a person’s treatment.  Vizown is a short, 15-minute drive from Norman, Oklahoma. Located near the scenic Lake Thunderbird State Park, our residential treatment campus sits on 135 acres of rolling green hills, which is perfect for nature walks, equine therapy and other outdoor activities. For many of our clients, this will be the first time that they have had the opportunity to experience such a setting.  Many people leave with a completely new appreciation for the scenery that Oklahoma has to offer.